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Upgrade of Elastocon Relaxation Software, EC 05

Elastocon's software for stress relaxation testing, EC 05, has been upgraded with a lot of new useful features for the evaluation of the results.

We have made over 100 improvements to the EC 05 Relaxation. The upgrade focuses on presentation and report making. Some highlights include:

  • New evaluation point editor
  • Evaluating by F/F0, R(t) or by ISO 3384 Method B
  • Plot evaluation points in report
  • Add annotations in the graph
  • Pick and print anything from multiple files
  • Display force as F/F0, R(t) or F/F(t0)
  • Reworked log point viewer
  • Edit report header
  • Adaptive time scale
  • Modify group and rig info
  • and lots more.